Visit visa

If you want to visit your friends, family in foreign country or want to go on tours, first you need to get permission to enter, stay and leave that country in a form of endorsement called Visit Visa. Visit Visa legalizes your entrance, stay and bounding to leave that country in due time.

Visit Visa is a non-immigration visa for the person who wants to visit foreign country for

  1. Tourism and vacations (holidays)
  2. Consult with business associate
  3. Attend seminar
  4. Attend social events or music concerts
  5. Conference
  6. Medical treatment
  7. Family reunion. Visit visa time limit is of 14 days, 30 days to 90 days

Visa file processing is the procedure in which we gather requirements to apply for visa. Visa file processing time depends upon how fast you gather requirements for visa. After visa file processing is completed then you apply for visa. You can get visit visa within 10-15 days (some times more than 20 days) depending on your case e.g. the country you are applying for, purpose (tour, medical) etc. The fee for visit visa varies from country to country.